The Crime Blotter: an index of murders

  1.  Ripples in a Pond,                              Brief: White Rock Lake machete murder
  2.   Depraved Heart,                                Brief: Fort Worth Windshield Murder
  3.  Picture Perfect,                                  Brief: Man shot daughters while on phone
  4.  No Safe Place                                      Brief: Saginaw child abduction and murder
  5.  One Angry Man                                  Brief: Tarrant County Courthouse shooting
  6. Slow Justice                                           Brief: Shot his best friend as a teenager
  7. Bad Decisions                                       Brief: Suffocated pregnant girlfriend and son
  8. Buried Alive                                          Brief: Tortured and killed over brother’s debt
  9. When Evil Lives Nextdoor                 Brief: Arlington Bathtub Killer
  10. Betty Lou’s Wishing Well                   Brief: Texas Black Widow
  11. Preacher Man                                       Brief: Youth Minister killer
  12. Smiling Assassin                                  Brief: Kaufman County DA murders
  13. Garden of Angels                                 Brief: Two men shoot mentally disabled girl
  14. Deadly Affection                                  Brief: Ex-husband kills wife at work
  15. Childhood Interrupted.                      Brief: Man kills family of child he impregnated
  16. Heartless                                               Brief: Death of Arlington Pastor
  17. Slayer’s Book of Death                        Brief: Wannabe serial killer keeps a journal
  18. Wrecked, part 1                                   Brief: Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch
  19. Wrecked, part 2                                   Brief: Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch
  20. Wrecked, part 3                                   Brief: Affluenza Teen Ethan Couch
  21. The Hunting Grounds                         Brief: Preview of Fort Worth Serial predators
  22. The Hunting Grounds, 1                     Brief: Curtis Don Brown
  23. The Hunting Grounds, 2                     Brief: Curtis Don Brown part two
  24. The Hunting Grounds, 3                     Brief: Wesley Wayne Miller
  25. The Hunting Grounds, 4                     Brief: Wesley Wayne Miller part two
  26. The Hunting Grounds, 5                     Brief: Juan Mesa Segundo
  27. The Hunting Grounds, 6                     Brief: Juan Mesa Segundo part two
  28. A Killer in the Neighborhood            Brief: Murder of young child in Saginaw