Texas 10-31: A Podcast Review

From their website:


10-31 is a Houston police code for “crime in progress”.  hosted by native texans…cassie and hannah… this is a true crime podcast that specifically discusses crime committed in texas. every episode we both present a murder/crime and then give our theories about the case. you can listen to our episodes on  iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Pod Bean, & Stitcher. new episodes will be released every other week. happy halloween!

You know I have a soft spot for Texas True Crime and we have a worthy podcast that joined the ranks October of 2017.  Hannah started off by herself, but soon added Cassie and I think that’s where the podcast began to find its voice. This podcast isn’t a bantering one in the style of My Favorite Murder, but it’s more conversational than scripted.

There’s lots of discussion and theory and that really takes two to tango. There’s some salty language, but not an excessive amount (IMHO) and the cases are interesting and unique. They do a great job of researching and bringing fresh stories each week. I like that they are victim sensitive and also thoughtful about mental health issues. I also like that they dive right in without spending a half hour talking about nonsense.

There have been technical issues with production quality, but they seem to have them all smoothed out now. While you’re browsing their episode list, be sure and check out the Cowtown Crime Minisode!


Hannah interviewed me about my career as a criminal attorney. Of course I had to return the favor and sent them some questions of my own.

1. What led to you starting a podcast? What made you decide to add a second person?

HANNAH: I decided to make a podcast because I was so sick of hearing about the same cases over and over again. Not that they don’t deserve the recognition they’ve received, but I personally knew about cases that were just as important/interesting. I wanted those stories to have an opportunity to be heard besides their one article in the local paper or a quick news segment covering the tragedy. I knew that it couldn’t just be a general true crime podcast but that it needed a niche. That’s why I picked Texas as the focal point.

I wanted to add a second person the whole time, but I didn’t really know anyone who’d want to a part of a true crime podcast. I was asking and answering my own questions when recording; it was going to get boring very quickly. Cassie had text me asking if I was a murderino, we sent a few texts catching up and talking about murder, and then I asked her if she ever wanted to REALLY talk about true crime then she should be on the podcast with me!

CASSIE: I decided to join because I’m very interested in true crime and not letting these victims’ stories go untold. Plus, I really missed Hannah and was excited to get back to seeing her regularly!

2. How do you go about selecting cases to talk about? What makes a case more interesting than another one?

CASSIE: I usually scroll through murderpedia and pick at random. I like to pick cases that I either have an emotional pull toward, or cases that have an interesting twist. Whether that be a whodunnit or shady police work, I’d like for there to be something to theorize about.

HANNAH: Honestly, I’ve started looking up a Texas city with the word “murder” in google. I get links to a lot of shootings most of the time, but if I dig far enough I can usually find something intriguing. Not that the shootings aren’t, but I personally prefer the crime to have an element of severity (dismemberment, multiple killings, brutality, wrongful conviction etc.), or if the offender has a fairly obvious, deviant, psychological factor. I usually lean more toward those types of stories.

3. Can you talk about how your different views shape the podcast?

CASSIE: I think I’m really quick to question everything and am very loud about my opinions. I’m really outspoken. Hannah is really good at and more interested in the legal aspect, which is nice. I feel like we both round out an episode well.

HANNAH: I actually believe that Cassie and I share very similar views on topics and issues. I’m just a little more naturally reserved in my personality and disposition than Cassie. I hate confrontation and upsetting people. While I may agree with more the “liberal” side of things, I also don’t voice my opinion as often. The world needs people like Cassie who are able to be up front and assertive, otherwise nothing would be debated or talked about. She obviously doesn’t want to offend anyone with what she says on the podcast in regards to religion, police work, or the legal system, but at the end of the day shit gets done by people who step up to the plate with firm views and beliefs, and many people respect that.

4. Is there a case you would never talk about and if so, why?

CASSIE: I don’t know if I could ever talk about Dean Corll. It hits too close to home and is so sad and terrifying. I think the 26+ victims deserve to have their stories told, but I think different podcasts like LPOTL did an amazing job and I couldn’t do any better.

HANNAH: I don’t think I’d ever cover the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders. It’s been talked about sooooooo many times. There would be no point in discussing a case that someone else has a 4 part episode series on, or better yet a case that people have written books on. Go read or listen to one of those because we won’t be giving y’all anything new by talking about it.

5. What’s your “favorite” Texas murder?

CASSIE: Oh man. That’s a hard one. It honestly may be Dean Corrl. It’s one of the more important ones to talk about because of the police misconduct and the treatment of the lower class missing children. He was and is one of the most terrifying serial killers in US history. And we don’t even know how many victims he had. They…just stopped digging.

HANNAH: My favorite Texas murder is probably the case I covered in the very 1st episode. The double murder of Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson. That case is still unsolved, their deaths were absolutely horrendous, there is DNA matching a rape victim from a couple years prior, and yet no suspect after 20+ years. It has all the best elements of a crime: mystery, gore, crazy forensics, romance, urban legend, and an escalating serial offender that all lead to question after question. Texas has a lot of famous killings, but this one will always stick with me.

6. Tell me a bit about yourselves away from the podcasting world.

CASSIE: I work for one of the best craft breweries in Texas. I love my job and am so lucky to have found my dream career. I’m madly in love with Brennan and our dog Gallo. My family is wonderfully strong and they instilled a lot of good in me. I love/hate politics and I’m passionate about women’s rights…ALL women. My favorite color is black and my fav band is Parkway Drive. I used to be pretty cool But I’m a pretty boring homebody now.

HANNAH: I’m horribly boring. I’m really involved with my education right now so I don’t do much. I’m working towards my Nursing degree and Criminal Justice degree. I love my dog. My favorite color is black as well. I hate wearing dresses. I spend a lot of time reading. I’m a major control freak and neat freak. I don’t have a favorite band because I don’t really listen to music. Told ya I was boring.

7. What are your plans for the podcast? Where do you see yourself in a year?

CASSIE: A year from now I would love to be recognized as a great true crime podcast. I want to be known for giving victims a voice and interviewing cool & important people in the criminal justice world. For myself? I hope I’ll be better at time management so I can dive even deeper into the cases I research. And so I can help take some of the load off Hannah. But, that’s for next year hah!

HANNAH: I can’t even think about what I’ll be doing a year from now. So much has changed in just the last 3 months so I can only imagine what could be in store. I do hope that I am still in school and working towards my future. In regards to the podcast, I feel like we just take everyday in stride and let it do its own growing. I don’t have any “plans” for the podcast per say, but if opportunities come up along the way then we’ll figure out what’s best for us individually, the podcast and our friendship. We just want to keep telling y’all about true crime and hope we can give everyone an insight into a case that hasn’t been told.

So, if you like conversational podcasts with an emphasis on discussion and criminal justice theory, give them a listen.

Cowtown Crime Verdict: Houston, we have a podcast in progress!

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