The Cleaning of John Doe: A Review

From the website:

Welcome to The Cleaning of John Doe. This is a true crime podcast where your host Vanessa Phearson, takes you on a journey of her experiences cleaning up the aftermath of some of the grisliest, most heartbreaking and most intense cleanups a crime scene cleaner can face.

She shares some of the internal conflicts she wards off, in an effort to keep her head in the game. Vanessa and her husband started their company in 2007 and have set out on a mission of raising the bar in their industry. Together they have 4 young children and are doing their best to manage the home life and business while being there for other families in their darkest hours.

Although the deceased was someone to family and friends, they are just a John Doe to us – well until we spend some time in their homes and lives.

The Cleaning of John Doe is a unique entry in the field of true crime podcasts, in that it’s not really about crime. It’s about the messy aftermath of death. Literally. As the blurb states, the podcasters own a crime scene clean up business. The first episode takes you into the roots of the business, answering the question How do you get started in something like that? Vanessa Phearson answers that question and so many more. If you have ever wanted to peek behind that yellow crime scene tape, this is your chance. The podcast is a mix of anecdotes, science, and philosophy and I’m absolutely hooked.

Start at the beginning, because there is a long story arc of their life in this business. The podcast production values are good. No amateur struggles there. Vanessa’s voice is nasal, not the voice of a performer, but there is an authenticity there. She is telling stories from her life, not reading a research paper. There isn’t banter or excessive advertising which is a refreshing change. I looked for a podcast comparison to give you an idea of the tone, but honestly? This is a unique podcast and one worthy of your subscription.

The Cowtown Crime Verdict: fascinating.

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