Southern Fried True Crime: A Review

From the website:

Southern Fried True Crime is a podcast about the dark under belly of the deep south.  Sweet Tea? Mimosa? How about a nice Tennessee whiskey? Pick your poison and pull up a chair….. I’m a native Tennessean exploring historical and contemporary true crime in the South. Southern Charm will be attempted but Southern Sass will be bountiful.

This podcast is written and produced by Erica Kelly, the native Tennessean mentioned above. It’s another new podcast in the increasingly crowded field of true crime podcasts.  What sets this podcast apart is the host. Erica Kelly’s voice has just the right amount of twang without beating you over the head with the notion this is SOUTHERN.

So far, she has chosen cases that aren’t as well known but are certainly deserving of attention.  I think she really hits her stride with the Kentucky Bordello Murders, a two-part series in which she takes on a double murder of two sex workers that seems to have swept aside by the good ol’ boy network. She pulls no punches, but doesn’t sensationalize which is a tricky line to walk. So if you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend giving those two a listen.

The production values are good. You won’t find any equipment issues that so often plague new podcasts. I listen on iTunes, but you can also find it on Podbean and Blogtalk radio.

The tone is journalistic, but with a definite helping of southern sass. If you like Out of The Cold or Court Junkie, this podcast is for you to add to your list. A+ from me.



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